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Al Fateh Holding, founded in 2011, aims to cater the needs of market and customers primarily in construction and trading. On one hand the company not only provides its services in construction of infrastructural projects but also manufactures homes. On the other hand the company’s trading services include provision of textile goods for home, hospitality and healthcare.

The chairman, Al Fateh, Choudhry Abdul Razzaq has a four decades experience in constructing infrastructural projects across Middle East in general and Saudi Arabia in particular. As General Manager of AKYME, Mr. Abdul Razzaq broadened the scope of AKYME, as the company also started the trading business on his insistence.

We at Al Fateh feel that local market is in dire need of construction firms that can construct infrastructural projects according to international standards. While many of the construction firms and companies do not oblige to follow international standards, we are confident to fill that vacuum in Pakistan. High quality infrastructural development guarantees progress. Progress guarantees building a strong nation. A strong nation leads to a strong state. And we, Al Fateh guarantee the first step in becoming a strong country, i.e., ensuring premium quality infrastructural projects across Pakistan.


We at Al Fateh feel that local market is in dire need of construction firms

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About Our Company

Our vision is all about to think ‘outside the box,’ and want to use diversified business opportunities to help them change the consumer perception, to help them understand what they need and provide them solution which can change their lives.

To build our future upon the strength of our services by achieving sustainable , consistent growth and to establish ourselves through market diversification, reliability that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfillment needs of our customers. To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.


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